Rebound And Run

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Rebound And Run provides players with more opportunities to get on court and play basketball.

Our events are designed for players of all abilities, whether you’re new to the game and looking for regular social basketball, or an elite player looking for high-level competition. Rebound And Run offers:

Open Runs

- Drop-in and play mixed recreational sessions open to anyone over the age of 16.

Invitational Scrimmages

- One-off fast paced scrimmage action for selected teams of similar talent level.


- Traditional tournament basketball involving group and knockout stages.

Summer Leagues

- Multi-date events following a traditional league setup or our fast-paced scrimmage series format.

The best way to stay updated with what we’re doing is to register as a player. If you’re currently looking to join a team then tick the free agent box and we’ll add your profile to our Free Agents page. If you already play on a team then register your team as well to receive invites to competitions in your region.